ItsGonnaHurt It's gonna hurt, so stop smiling now.


Welcome to Its Gonna Hurt!



Man oh man, if you wanna see some scrumptious young men taking it in the ass then you are in for a treat today!

ItsGonnaHurt started off as a simply idea. Our WELL-HUNG black friend Castro is the star and each week he discombobulates a man on video.

The definition of "Discombobulate":
bewilder: cause to be confused emotionally; confused, embarrassed, upset; broken, mixed up.

And thats what we do, we discombobulate men. By the time each ItsGonnaHurt video is done the straight guys are confused, the gay-curious guys are embarrassed, and the admittedly gay guys are broken - but you'll be happy! :-)

FYI, Castro used to do straight porn where he would hammer beautiful women all day long. We even has a name for his thick tree-stump cock -- we call it "The Supreme". So you could imagine our surprise (and excitement!) when he announced he wanted to start pounding male ass. Kurt Wild was one of the first to experience Castro's gay side.

So we decided on a name for the gay pornsite and settled on "Its Gonna Hurt". That named summed up when we are all about! You'll see these virginal men squinting and grimacing in ecstasy as they find out exactly how much its hurts lol.


Ryan gets a mouthful of Castro and stares in to the camera with his big blue eyes.

So sit back, undo your pants and imagine yourself being the one that's about to meet Castro's gigantic black cock on a couch -- all while the video camera is rolling...